Hi! I am CA Manjinder Sood, a Tax Expert, a Business Coach and the Founder and Mentor in WE Women in Business. The Community was started by me in April 2013, for growth and development of women entrepreneurs in Gurgaon, India. A tax expert and a business coach by profession, I work with start-ups and help them create successful business empires. 

Do you wish to be an entrepreneur? If yes, the desire to be an Entrepreneur is a first sign that you have it in you the capabilities to run a business. Our deepest desires, stem from our life purpose and following the true calling of our heart surely leads to success. Passion to Own a business is all that is required to become an entrepreneur. 

The three How’s as per me that define the future success of your business are: 

1. How you Build your Brand & Brand Values

2. How you manage your financial compliance’s and taxes. After all no business can thrive without profits in the long run.

3. How you Create a Bonding with your Business Community and Customers.

It is very important to be part of a Business Community to learn and grow as an Entrepreneur. Unlike the corporate world, no one tells you the next milestone to be achieved and the requisite training required for that. Business Community associations helps you find mentors and role models who can guide you reach your next milestone in business.  Business Coach and a Mentor accelerates the speed of growth of any business. The Right Associations will develop your business skills and make you pro-active and take decisions like a leader. 

My desire to create a workforce of women business leaders always motivated me to work wholeheartedly towards running a community for women entrepreneurs. 

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