Business in The New Normal!

The Question for Business Leaders: What exactly is the situation? Where are we heading? What will Happen Next?

So Lets Assess:

Every day we are coming to terms with the new challenges of a pandemic. These challenges definitely point us to more permanent changes that must be made in both our personal lives and also in our businesses. Many Leaders across the globe are calling it a BLACK SWAN and it is also setting a clear stage for a new normal.

Let us Understand, why Coronavirus Pandemic is called A Black Swan!

A Black Swan Theory Explains the existence and occurrence of high impact, hard to predict and rare events that are beyond the realm of normal expectations.

A Low probability/ High Impact Event is Called a Black Swan Event


  1. Whatever was proved right or was right, is suddenly no longer right or applicable
  2. Whatever was proven wrong till yesterday, seems to be the way for going forward
  3. Whatever we might decide as Right or Wrong Today, may be reversed tomorrow.

Everything is Changing at an exponential Speed and Covid-19 has travelled to over 170 countries in a short span of 4 months causing great havoc to the way Humans lived and prospered.

So how do we choose to respond to this situation? Can we control it?

We cannot control many suitations but we can Control how we respond to it. There are many areas in our control and we need to focus on them only.

Key: Focus on what you can control. Do not Let what is out of your control interfere with what you can control!

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